What’s The Mudae Bot ?

Database of 60,000 waifu and husbando to search and collect (Discord gacha card game): be the first to claim them on your server!
All are from existing animes, manga, comics or video games.
They were suggested by the community along with over 250,000 images and gifs, details are constantly added and reviewed by users. Hundreds of commands available!

You can also:
Customize many things about your waifu,
Collect kakera and keys to earn advantages for your harem,
Fight with your characters in a multiplayer game: waifu arena,
Catch pokémon at Rocket casino,
Play several original multiplayer word-based games,
Get anime quotes,
…and many other fun and useless things…


Collect waifu and husbando. Be the first to take their heart!

$waifu: Random waifu. React with before 30s.
$husbando: Random husbando. React with before 30s.
$marry: Random waifu or husbando. React with before 30s.

The commands above include two types of characters: game and animanga. Add the letter g to just roll game characters ($wg) or a for animanga

The following help only summarizes the main commands: type any command to get MORE SUBCOMMANDS and HELP (for most of them)
You can also search a command with $search

$mymarry: Inventory of your conquests.
See the category FLAGS LIST below to know how to filter your harem and other lists!

$marryexchange: Exchange characters with the mentioned player.
$give: Gift the mentioned player (limited)
$firstmarry: Change your favorite character.
$sortmarry: Sort your characters.
$divorce: Divorce a character.
$profile: Display your server profile.

Add a $ to separate different characters.
Most of the commands have aliases. Example: $mm for $mymarry

$infomarry: Search for a character. Example: $im Rem
$infomarrya: Search for a series.
$left: Number of characters left for your server.
$fn: Find notes in your harem from the $note command.
$fnall: Find notes in all harems of the server.
$top: Top 1000 characters. Or $top #
$topserv: Server character ranking.

$note: Add a message next to a character in your harem.
$changeimg: Change the main image of a character.
$addimg: (moderator) Add a custom image for an existing character.
$randomimg: Randomize images during your rolls.
$rollsleft: Change where the ‘2 rolls left’ message is displayed.
$alist: See availables aliases for a character.
$alias: Swap the main name for an available alias.
$alias2: Change the secondary alias to whatever text you want.
$noteimg: Add a message for an image.
$addcustom: (moderator) Add a custom character for your server.

$like: Add a character to your likelist.
$likelist: Your list of favorite characters.
$renameclaim: Change your claim message. Also $renamedivorce
$renameharem: Change the title of your harem.
$renamelikelist: Change the title of your likelist.
$profilebadge: Choose the badges displayed on your profile.
$profilearrange: Arrange or hide your profile categories.
$badge: Your list of badges.
$claimreact: (moderator) Customize the rolls emojis.
$kakerareact: (admin) Customize the kakera rolls emojis.

$marryup: Time left before your next claim.
$rollsup: Rolls left before the next reset.
$timersup: Timers merged in one message (mu, ru, du, ku, rtu, dku, bku).
$tuarrange: Customize the informations displayed with $timersup

$wish: Add a character to your $wishlist so you can be mentioned.
$disable: Disable a series from YOUR rolls.
$antidisable: Prevent the deactivation of the series from your rolls.
$wishseries: (player premium) Be mentioned for each character of the series.
$selfreset: List of personal full reset commands.

$bonus: Your list of unlocked bonuses.
$overview: Your list of player settings.
$togglewestern: Disable/enable western series from your animanga rolls.
$toggleirl: Disable/enable series with IRL people for your rolls.
$setfooter: Display name/series under the image during your rolls.
$imglink: Display image links during your rolls.
$hideinfodisable: Hide the emoji indicating a character is disabled (for $im/$mmi)
$personalrare: Change the spawn rarity of owned characters.
$tip: Display a tip.
$rolls: Vote for Mudae and get a rolls reset ($vote to check).
$daily: Obtain a rolls reset every 20 hours.
$haremcopy : (player premium II) Copy your harem on another server, under conditions.
$kakeracopy : (player premium II) Copy your kakera/kakeraloots/badges on another server, under conditions.
$limroul: (mode 2) Disable the less popular characters.

Add letters to some commands if you want to display different details. Those are combinable.
Example: $mmwr only displays your waifus (flag w) and how they are ranked (flag r)

List of flags:
w (waifu), h (husbando), wh (both genders), w= (waifu without both genders), h= (husbando without both genders)
g (game), g- (animanga), gg- (both), g= (game only), g-= (animanga only)
a (series list), b (series bundles), p (character search if you type some text), s (DM)

r (claim ranks), r- (claim ranks not sorted), l (like ranks), l- (like ranks not sorted),
k (kakera value), k= (kakera sorted), k- (kakera base value)
y (keys only), y= (keys sorted), y+ (with full harem), y- (without keys)
c (embedcolored), c+ (with full harem), c- (without embedcolor)

t (type of rolls), m (main names), d (img/alias details), v (hide details such as notes), n (not noted), n+ (noted only)
u (unclaimed), o (owner names), o= (owned only), o- (not owned by you), o+ (owned by you)
x (disabled), x+ (with full harem), x- (not disabled)
i (images), i- (hide images if DM)

Available arguments (type a space after the command and don’t type the < >):
, , <@User, User ID or User tag>, $mm serv , $mm abc

Example: $mmwr Re:Zero

$forcedivorce: (admin) Release a character.
$cleanuser: (admin) Reset harem and wishes from a user.
$userdivorce: Reset the harem of the character’s owner.
$thanos: (admin) Randomly divorce half of a user harem.
$thanosall: (admin) Divorce half of the harem of each player in the server.
$bitesthedust: (server owner) Reset all harems of the server.
$clearnotes: (admin) Clear the notes of a user.
$clearwishes: (admin) Reset the wishes of a user.
$resetalias2: (admin) Reset all $alias2 for a user’s characters OR unclaimed characters.
Or $resetalias for their $alias / $resetimg for their $changeimg
$fullreset: (admin) List of full reset commands (aliases, images, wishes, disablelists, embedcolors, keys…)

$leftusers: List of players who left the server with characters/wishes/kakera.
$restorelist: List of divorced characters by moderation commands.
$restore: (admin) Restore a character from the restorelist.
$channeldeny: (admin) Disable some commands in the current channel.
$channelrestrict: (admin) Restrict some commands so they can only be used in the current channel.
$setchannel: (admin) Archaic version of $channeldeny.
$restrict: (owner) Restrict some commands to a role so only this role can use the commands.
$deny: (owner) Deny some commands for a role.
$setpermission: (owner/admin) Archaic version of $restrict. Useful for $addimg, $alias and $kakerarefund.
$togglesilent: (owner) Change how the bot answers to disabled commands.
$givecustom: (admin) Give an unclaimed custom character.

$settings: List of the server settings.
$setrare: (admin) Change the spawn rarity of owned characters.
$settimer: (admin) Change the number of seconds during which you can claim a character.
$setrolls: (admin) Decrease or increase the number of rolls for the whole server.
$setclaim: (admin + server premium I/II) Change the claim interval (up to one per hour).
Can be used by non-premium to increase the interval.
$shifthour: (admin) Shift the exact hour of the claim reset.
$setinterval: (admin + server premium II) Change the exact minute of the claim/rolls reset.
$haremlimit: (admin) Change the maximum number of characters per user.
$togglereact: (admin) Change the automatic addition of hearts under the rolls.

$channelinstance: (admin) Create a new instance (server) in the channel.
$gamemode: (admin) Change the server game mode.
$servlimroul: (mode 2, admin) Disable the less popular characters.

$toggleclaimrolls: (admin) Display or not claim ranks during rolls.
$togglelikerolls: (admin) Display or not like ranks during rolls.
$togglekakerarolls: (admin) Display or not the kakera value during rolls.
$togglehentai: (admin) Toggle Hentai series.
$toggledisturbing: (admin) Toggle series containing horror images.
$toggleclaimrank: (admin) Toggle character ranking by number of claims.
$togglelikerank: (admin) Toggle character ranking by number of likes.
$serverdisable: (admin) Rolls-disable up to 750 characters for the whole server.
$togglesnipe: (admin) Change the possibility to claim on other players’ rolls.
$togglekakerasnipe: $togglesnipe for kakera.

Collect kakera and earn advantages for the marry roulette!

$kakera: Buy kakera badges to unlock bonuses.
$kakerareward: Kakera badges detailed rewards.
$kakeratower: Build towers with kakera for more rewards.
$infokl: Earn even more rewards with kakera lootboxes.
$kakeraup: Time left before you can react again to a kakera.
$dailykakera: Earn a daily amount of kakera.
$topservk: Kakera server ladder.
$givekakera: Give kakera to someone.
$kakeradm: Where or whether you should be notified for Silver IV/Bronze IV/Emerald IV bonuses.
$mk: (premium) Force spawn a kakera (1 to 3 per hour).

$togglekakera: (admin) Enable/disable the different means of collecting kakera.
$togglekakerarolls: (admin) Display or not the kakera value during rolls.
$badgevalue: (admin) Change the base value of some kakera badges.
$cleankakera: (admin) List of kakera reset commands.
$givescrap: (admin) Give kakera scraps to any user.
$kakerascrap: See the amount of kakera scraps for your server.

Unlock the full potential of your character and earn more rewards!
Roll characters you already own and unlock for them: $embedcolor command, additional kakera earnings, increased kakera value and let them join your Soulmate list.
More infos with $infokeys

Characters and images belong to their respective creators credited by the name of the franchise or the artist.
The contents of Mudae’s database can’t be reused without permission.
You are responsible for the custom elements you add.

$skills: Invest skill points in a character you own.
$arena: Start the game. This command is only handled by the bot Mudae GM:
$mmf: (harem option) Your characters ready for the fight.
$imf: To see one character ready for the fight.
$ds: Add a customized sentence when the character is out.
$vs: Add a customized sentence when the character wins.
$favarena: Define your favorite choice for the waifu arena.

Equivalent commands usable with Mudae GM: $skillsgm, $vsgm, $dsgm, $favarenagm



Earn Pokémon at the Rocket casino.

$pokemon: Launch the slot machine.
$pokedex: Your Pokémon. Options: rare, sumrare, id, abc, full, shiny, leg, beast, gen#, double, emoji ($pde), , <@User/user ID>
$shinyhunt: Hunt a shiny.

$release: Release Pokémon for new tries.
Use $release without arguments to see your stock.
$autorelease: Release all doubles from rarity 1, 2, 3 for new tries.
$pokelike: Like Pokémon ($pokelikelist) and immunize them for the autorelease command ($togglepokelike to not immunize them).
$pokeprofile: Choose the Pokémon to display on your $profile

$sortpkm: Sort your Pokémon.
$sortpkm: double/abc/rare/id/shiny
$pokerank: Global top 100. $pokerank leg (or shiny or beast) for the legendaries/shinies/beasts.
$pokeserv: Top server.
$pokemode: Animation and ping options.

Multiplayer games
$blacktea: Turn-based word game inspired by bombparty.
$greentea: Find any word, quickly.
$redtea: Find the longest word.
$yellowtea: Find the largest number of words.
$mixtea: A mix of all the previous teas. 🙂
$quiz: A multi quiz with a global ranking
$jankenpon @User: Rock-paper-scissors by affinity.
$pokeduel @User: Starts a pokéduel (useless random game).

$quote: Random quote from anime.
$quotimage: Random quote followed by a random image. Then, imagine the story…
$mudanime: Random phrases inspired by known animes.
$loli: Try it?
$rdmperso: Random character from animecharactersdatabase.com
$rdmpokemon: Random Pokémon.
$searchpkm: Search for a Pokémon.

Use $noun, $adverb, $adject, $vrb in your sentences to add a random word.
$phrase: Random sentence.
$poem: Random poem.
$say (or $saymudae)

Part of the words database comes from wordnet.princeton.edu

$kirby // $kirchoco //$tea
$chocoshark // $bear // $eater

$beam : Blow up what you hate.

Customized countdowns:

Example: $customcd 10

$fate @User: Describes the trend between you and the mentioned.
$42ball : Answers to your yes or no questions.

Random events
$alea : Random number.
$rdmcountry: Random country.
$invent: Invented word.

$lang: Change language (en, fr, pt-br, es or de).
$channelhelp: Display this help on the channel.
$join: Link to join Mudae on her server and get more infos.
$invite: Link to invite Mudae on another server.
$wiki: Wiki search.
$def : Definition search.
$prefix: Change the prefix that invokes Mudae.
$vote: Help Mudae to entertain mankind and get a free rolls reset.
$patreon: Help Mudae to improve its features.
$myid: Get your user/server Discord full ID.
$date: My only weakness, the time that passes.

$star @User / $lol / $lmfao / $omg / $pervert / $takaché / $takawai / $nanachi / $secret
$avatar / $embedtxt