now mining is becoming a very famous and increasingly populated thing, in this article we will see the best cryptomining subreddits found right on reddit!


in this, as the name suggests, there are mainly people talking about the mining of one of the most mined crypto ethereum.

beyond this every now and then memes and images of rigs come out


this is much more general than the previous one in fact here you will be able to see people who mine any coin, and as usual there will be people who will post memes and pictures of their rigs or earnings


in this there will only be pictures and rig related questions to mine any coin


the subreddit of one of the largest mining and marketplace programs in the world, here you will find everything listed above and many questions related to nicehash

in addition to these three you can find many other things related to mining and crypto news on the original subreddits of the crypto you are interested in such as r / Bitcoin, r / Ethereum, r / Ravencoin etc.

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