Splitgate Queue

Splitgate one of the games of the moment,is based on two teams fighting with futuristic weapons and with the use of portals that make the game different from the competition.
This game has recently come out, in fact, it is still in beta, but few people know it and do not know how long they have to wait in the queue before entering, so in this article, we will see how long you have to Wait in the Splitgate Queue

in fact I would like to make you a mini collection of the time of minutes that you will have to wait according to the time of your area

in the morning (5-11) usually the queue does not exist, but there are game updates

at midday (12-3) there is a bit of a queue starting from 1 to 15-20 minutes

afternoon-evening (all remaining hours) there is usually a queue which varies from minute to hour in some cases

the advice we give is to exit and re-enter the game after about 10 minutes of queuing, because sometimes it gets buggy

this is a game still in beta so it is normal that it does not yet have servers that support a lot of traffic, just a little time and this problem will not be seen again!

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