How to Make a Leaderstats Roblox Studio [CUSTOMIZE]

hi guys and welcome to shoda,today we’re gonna see how to make a leaderstats for your amazing game,trust me this so EASY.

First of all let’s start roblox studio and go in the game which you want to add the leaderstats

then add a script in the ServerScriptService like the image below

How to Make a Leaderstats Roblox

after you add it let’s add the following code:

function onPlayerEntered(player)
	local stats ="IntValue")
	stats.Name = "leaderstats"
	local score ="IntValue")
	score.Name = "Money"
	score.Value = 0
	score.Name = "Diamonds"
	score.Value = 0
	score.Parent = stats	
	stats.Parent = player


using this code the player when spawn have a Money and Diamonds Balance,if you wanna add some new thing u just need to add

score.Name = “name of the currency”

score.Value = 0

also if you want to change the starter amount of one of the currency ,just change the value 0 to what you want