Rust Battle Royale

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You parachute into the match with a torch and a bandage. Land in a safe area away from other players and find a weapon before someone spots you. Stay ahead of the radiation as the map shrinks over time

well trust this if it seems pubg only with the weapons of rust, this is useful mainly for two reasons:
you have fun and improve with weapons at the same time

Here’s what this Battle Royale Offers

Deathmatch Warmup

Players can warmup with some deathmatch in a dynamically sized arena while waiting for the minimum number of players. You start with most weapons and respawn instantly.

Custom Loot Spawns

Buildings include many possible loot spawns which are randomly chosen each game. Random spawns are generated inside and around monuments and also randomly on the ground across the map.

Custom Plane AI

Towards the end of each round a plane will drop rare supplies inside the next rounds area and random cluster bombs in the current rounds area. Contrails left behind will hint at the following rounds area.

Custom Map Overlays

Fog of war on your map indicates the current playable area. The safe zone will be shaded blue on your map and the bomb zone where cluster bombs may be dropped is shaded red.

PvP Orientated

There is no hunger, thirst or cold. There are no resources to gather and you can’t craft. Radiation outside the playable area deals damage. Cluster bombs deal explosive and fire damage.

Dynamically Scaled Gameplay

Many aspects of the game will be scale down when there are less than 50 players. A game with only a few players will last around 10 minutes whereas one with over 50 players will last about 17 minutes.

Play Now

to enter just press f1 on the rust home page (in the menu)

then you will have to write “connect” space and the ip I have now

I wrote it separately because many people of you come from different parts of the world, however the ip you have to put will be

EU :

US :