hello everyone and welcome to shoda! Today we will see how to transfer exodus wallet from phone to pc in less than 2 minutes!

but before explaining the tutorial I would like to explain what exodus is and how to make it even more secure, this is a hardware wallet that allows you to insert 100+ cryptocurrencies into it.
this is the best method if you don’t want to buy a cold wallet, like the ledger nano s. But if you already have some money in the crypto world, I suggest you buy a cold wallet, then connect it to the exodus wallet and you will be MUCH safer than a phone wallet.

you will wonder why, but hackers can simply intercept the information we send or they can enter our PCs and phones without us noticing and it has happened in the past that some people have lost their exodus wallet for this reason

How to Transfer Exodus Wallet from Phone to Pc

let’s start by going to the exodus site and downloading the right version for your computer

How to Transfer Exodus Wallet from Phone to Pc
How to Transfer Exodus Wallet from Phone to Pc

after downloading and installing the application we proceed to connect the one from the phone with the one from the pc!
let’s start by going from the phone to the exodus application and proceeding by following the images below

exodus wallet
exodus a good wallet

then you will press “Computer” once you end up with a QRcode from the phone you will have to go to the pc in the “device” section then do sync devices and here you will have to have the qrcode scanned from the phone, and then you will have your crypto wallet on your pc too!

you would like to mine cryptocurrencies but you do not know where to start well, we will teach you!

how to create a exodus wallet

How to Create your own Crypto
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