How to Start a Twitch Live in January 2021

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we are in the 21st century, you will have heard of twitch

as well as a well-known platform that offers the possibility to stream for those who want and watch the stremers for those who want to be a spectator

an example could be ninja every day going live sees many people as well viewers watching him play the live game

well if you are in this article you will most likely be mainly part of the streamers, but having not started you will rightly wonder how to run a stream on twitch

well you must know that there are really many applications that allow you to stream, but the best second us and according to your competitors is Streamlabs


streamlabs is the best application that allows you to stream mainly on twitch, in fact this app after downloading it and registering, you can play your screen live on twich

That’s how!

-the first thing to do is sign up for twitch

-the second thing to do is download and install streamlabs

-once here, just press “login” at the top right and connect your twitch account with streamlabs

-from here on you just have to have fun finding the best preset for your live and that’s it!

if you would like to see a guide on how to make a nice preset for your live streams ask us in this article in the comments area here at the bottom