Hi guys and welcome to the crypto part of Shoda! Today we’re going to see how to mine in flexpool, one of the most profitable pools in the ethermine Algorithm (Ethash)


Mine in Flexpool

First of all, I need to explain to you the basics of this pool, like the payment threshold, miner tracking, fee management, etc.

The minimum payment threshold is 0.01ETH

After presetting your miner in the PC you need a phone to track its hashrate

instead of speaking of fees let’s say that later I’ll explain some methods to lower them

Mine in Flexpool

perfect, now that you know the basics we can start explaining how to mine in flexpool

Step 1: The Wallet

Mine in Flexpool

the wallet is very important for increased earnings on normal entrances, in fact already the rightly chosen wallet could save you a lot of money for commissions, for this reason, I leave you here below the “invite a friend” link which guarantees you a 20% cashback on commissions that you should pay so, in the end, you will pay 80% of the commissions since on 20 you will regain it

this wallet is also an exchanger, one of the most famous in the world, ie binance which is also regulated

Step 2: The Miner

Mine in Flexpool

to mine, we will use the traditional t-rex miner which allows you to mine many cryptocurrencies

Step 3: The Pool

as written by the title we will use flexpool as a reference pool, so we will have to use the following addresses for the following regions of the world

EU : eth-de.flexpool.io

US : eth-us-west.flexpool.io

ASIA : eth-sg.flexpool.io

these are very generalized if you want to see where you have the best ping I leave here the flexpool site that tells you!

Fee Management

when you reach the payment threshold you will be sent the money in eth, here you will go against high commissions that depend on how much your payment threshold is, in fact the commissions will start from about 0.1% up to even 5 / 6% with 0.01ETH of payment threshold

to lower them you can increase the payment threshold or limit the commissions by going to the flexpool site, then enter your eth address connected to the miner, then go to the settings and limit the gas

Miner Tracking

to be able to track your miner you can go to the site and enter your address or download the flexpool application which should be found on your phone with this image

once you open the application you will have to enter your address connected to the miner and you will see at any time how it is going from your phone!

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