How to make a Nice Roblox Studio ScreenGUI [TIPS]

Roblox, one of the most played games in the world, the hidden part of this game is the people who develop a game trying to please the community and be successful, today so we will see a small but important part of your roblox game, in fact we will see How to make a Nice Roblox Studio ScreenGUI !!

Tip 1:Photoshop

photoshop or another graphics program will serve you to create the GUI in a professional way, here you will have to make the covers that people will see on the screen, an example could be this which is a spring that allows you to jump twice, and with photoshop it is exit like this

Roblox Studio ScreenGUI

in short, photoshop will be the basis for trying to sell your products better

Tip 2: The Scripts

these will be VERY necessary for the simple fact of being able to not show some parts of the gui, an example could be a code button that once pressed comes out the part with the code box, as shown in the image below

Roblox Studio ScreenGUI
Roblox Studio ScreenGUI

to be able to make a button that make another frame on the screen visible, use the following command that is inserted inside the button to be pressed

local ToggleButton = script.Parent.ToggleButton

	RedeemFrame.Visible = not RedeemFrame.Visible

where instead of ToggleButton you will have to enter the name of your button to be pressed,
also you will have to change the “RedeemFrame” with the part you want to appear and disappear when the button is pressed.

Tip 3: Be Creative

as a last tip is to do what other people don’t do, try to be as creative as possible by inserting the gui in a completely new way to the community and trust that it will pay off a lot!