Here’s How to do a Speed Run on Rust [GUIDE]

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hello everyone and welcome to this new article on shoda, we will see how to do a speed run on the famous survival game rust!

before I explain what it takes to do an excellent speed run I must also explain to you what to do this, before doing it well you need hours of practice because trust that it is not easy

in this article you will not see a guide but a series of tips that can help you do it

Tip 1: The place

remember well that you will have to find a strategic place, not to make the base but to steal it

by great place I mean a place that is close to at least 3 important monuments such as train yard

Tip 2: Play it with Strategy

as we said before you need to steal a base at the beginning and for this reason, even if not nice, you need to door camping the base you want to steal because in the speed runs on this game you also need a bit of strategy and intelligence and not just shoot to enemies

Tip 3: The Server

you must make a careful choice for the server and try to meet these conditions

-the map doesn’t have to be giant

-it needs to be reset recently

-there must be a lot of people (100+)

-ping low

Tip 4: The Raids

the raids are connected to the thing mentioned above in tip 2, in fact the raids do not necessarily have to be done through explosives but you can also raid door bases by camping and then once they open you enter inside

Tip 5: Gun Control

this is one of the important thing if you want to play a very aggressive style of play, in this tip there is not much to say, but I leave below 2 articles on how to control the aim of the ak-47 and the custom SMG

Tip 6: Youtuber & Streamer

as a last tip I would like to tell you to watch youtubers and streamers who bring just this content, and trust me you will learn very quickly because some of them do some sort of mini series in a video, in which they present the speed run divided into various parts, believe me it’s nice . I leave you below one of the most famous video on speed runs