hello everyone and welcome to Shoda, today we will see how to Uninstall the GPU Drivers!

but before moving on to the actual tutorial I would like to tell you a couple of situations that cleaning the drivers will fix the problem for you

Uninstall the GPU Drivers

Crypto Mining

it may happen that the video card after a while that is not updated has old or damaged drivers, this causes a collapse of the hashrate when mining cryptocurrencies

Uninstall the GPU Drivers


here too it can happen but with much lower fps so if you have like a 3090 and do 100 fps on Minecraft there will be a problem

in addition to these two common situations, there is also the fact that performance can drop in any context

How to completely Uninstall the GPU Drivers

perfect we start by checking if we have already downloaded the program we will need, then we proceed to write “Display Driver Uninstaller” in the windows search bar, if it does not give us any results we proceed to install it

its original site does not exist but there are other sites that allow you to download it, we will use the one that most people use

before doing all this go to safe mode!

once you have downloaded it you can open it and select the GPU option with your GPU brand like in the image

Uninstall the GPU Drivers

and then press “Clean and Restart”, after the pc has been rebooted you need to download the driver of your graphics card on the official site

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