splitgate one of the games of the moment, is based on two teams fighting with futuristic weapons and with the use of portals that make the game different from the competition.
This game has recently come out, in fact it is still in beta, but few people know it and do not know where to download it, well in this guide you will see how Download Splitgate for FREE in 2021!


Download Splitgate

steam one of the online video game stores, if not the most famous of all, it allows you to download many games including the beta of this game, in fact you just need to follow the steps below to be able to download it, both steam and the game

Step 1 : Download And Install Steam

as a first step you will have to download steam for pc by going to their site and then download it

once you have downloaded it, proceed to install it and make an account

Step 2 : Download Splitgate

just go to the shop section and look for “Splitgate” in the top right bar you will have to download the free one as shown in the image

Download Splitgate

Step 3 : Have Fun!

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