Best Stretched Resolutions for Csgo,Fortnite,Rust

today we will see the best stretched resolutions with which you can play many games, taking advantage of all the advantages of these, but first we try to list the advantages and disadvantages of these types of resolution which are normally 4 : 3


-the first benefit is only for those games where you have to shoot, in fact, the stretched resolution will enlarge your bodies and heads and make it easier for you to kill enemies

-as a second benefit you will play with more fps than usual, in fact, the stretched resolution will probably be lower than your usual one and therefore the pc loading less quality will give you many fps that will improve the gaming experience

Negative Things

-first of all, the fact of changing the resolution to a lower or in any case different from that of the desktop will slow you down if during the game you have to do alt + tab and trust that if you put a resolution very different from that of the desktop (found by right clicking on the desktop and then screen settings) can take up to 10 seconds transition time

you see at a lower resolution than normal and it might be ugly at first

so what are the best stretched resolutions?

1440 x 1080

1080 x 1080

1600 x 1080

1280 x 1080

I leave you below a site that is dedicated to finding the best stretched resolutions and much more on each game