buy axie

one of the most popular games of the moment, due to its property of connecting the world of crypto, in particular NFT, with that of video games.

in order to play axie infinity you will need 3 pets which at current prices are around $ 300 each

the pets you will take will serve you to do the challenges that will reward you, if you win, the crypto of the game, in particular $AXS and $SLP can be found easily on binance and if you do not have an account yet you can use the link below!

buy axie

but if you are in this article you will already know how this game works, so I would immediately say to proceed with what to avoid when you want to buy axie in 2021

What to avoid when you buy axie

buy axie

trust me, buying axie is very simple but at the beginning it seems like a lot of methods to not be able to spend $ 900 on 3 pets

Opensea: this is one of the largest marketplace in the world of NFT (non-fundible token) here they also sell axie but not as you would expect them, in fact the creators of axie infinity over time have tried to abolish every other form of axis marketplace on internet, for this reason they have BANNED all the axies that have been put up for sale in other marketplaces except the original one that can be found on their official website

so if you buy axies on opensea or any other marketplace except the original one your axies will be banned

Here’s where to Buy Axies

the only safe place where you can buy your little pets will be the official marketplace, this you will do to avoid a ban on your axies purchased on external marketplaces

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